swt creation wedding cakes

swt creation wedding cakes

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Strawberry champagne gateaux

Hi i hope you luv my champagne and strawberry gateaux ,it was great fun making it and before you say where is the champagne it is not in the step by step on the pici's below because i was making this one for my family where my kids will be eating this one !! in the reicepe it will have the champagne ,because this is a real treat for adults it really is a show stopper at anyones dinner party!!.With the strawberries try to get fresh not frozen ,the frozen strawberries the quality is not very good at all !!and they are very watery !,i used a rugby,sugar flair for the sponge colour to get that cherry colour and a good quality butter goes along way aswell ,i always make sure all my ingrediants are fresh and good quality so what ever your making will turn out good.Some time this week when i can fit it in i am going back to the drawing board on my madelines and i have some great flavours to show you and what you can do with madelines i am hoping to do a site on facebook just madelines so watch out !!!.



400g soft butter
400g caster sugar
8 eggs
seeds of vanilla pods
4 drops of vanilla extract
4tsp baking powder
400g plain flour

1 punnet of fresh strawberries
half a wine glass of champagne
500g soft butter
strawberry jam to glaze and layer through the cake.
icing sugar.

Mix your soft butter and caster sugar together in a mixing bowl with a whisk and blend untill it becomes light and fluffy and pale in colour !!,then add half the eggs and half the flour with the baking powder in ,and mix again  then when all mixed add the last of the eggs and flour to the mix and blend untill all the mixture comes together to a nice smooth paste .pour cake mixture into your prepared tins and bake at 180c.

Strawberrys need to be washed and drained then hurled into the champagne say just for 30mins to 1hour max ,then bring them out and start slicing them nice and thin for decorating your gateaux and layering them in your cake!!.
Butter cream ,place your soft butter in a mixing bowl and for about 5 to 10
mins whisk the butter so it becomes soft and pale then add your rugby sugar flair paste to it and about 2oog of icing sugar and see what that is like to your sweetness once your buttercream is done your ready to go to start layering your cake.

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