swt creation wedding cakes

swt creation wedding cakes

Friday, 23 May 2014

Gold hand painted wedding cake ,this cake i loved making and having the free reigns of doing what i want on a cake, the inspiration behind this cake was MONET i luv his work and i wanted to do something on this like his work i must say i am pleased with the results,the palatte the client wanted purples and violets mixed in with touches of greens and light greens,and the gold edges just make this cake with the small edible gold leaf painted cake next to the large cake i love how the edible gold leaf works with the cake which is a simple cake but looks so effective.I hope you all love this cake as much as i do.x

Monday, 21 April 2014

swt creation wedding cake.2014

This cake is one i did for a design for a lady who wanted loads of flowers going all the way round ,and it gets so many compliments,you can just see it at a summer wedding ,i used all pale luster dusts for the flowers, and a pale gold for the strips on each layer,and i used one of my glass mini stands to put the rest of the sugar flowers on to give the cake some height, that i brought from sainsburys .