swt creation wedding cakes

swt creation wedding cakes

Monday, 17 September 2012

I am going to run a cupcake courses in northamptonshire my first one !!!! i am so excited ,in january to learn the basic of cupcakes from the sponge to show you how to make a great cupcake sponge to the buttercream then the top with the sugar paste plus the basic flowers !! the course starts at £95.00 for basic so if you are interested let me know on 07758736684 and if you are interested in any of the cakes and designs and would like to place an order you can phone on here to we order around oxfordshire and northamptonshire .xxx
Hi my followers i hope you all had a great weekend ! these new cupcakes with the large flowers were for a big order for a wedding !! they took some time but they were well worth it i hope you all like ,it's the first time i had used the blue spray on the flowers i think it looks stunning ! watch out i will be using it again ,i am at the moment waiting on some paints from squires kitchen to do some more hand painted cakes so watch out !!.xx

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hi everyone i hope you are all like the cakes that are on my blog at the momemnt i am getting quite alot of orders on my cakes so not been able to write as much as i would like on here !!! but i am going to make sure i make time on here because i love sharing my idea's with you .
The rainbow cake was my first time of doing it and i am so pleased with it !! i used ,extra red,ruby,dusky pink ,pink,and the last sponge i kept normal.
I used a cherry buttercream to decorate the cake and inside some strawberry jam and more of the cherry buttercream between the layers .sprayed my cherries with some gold edible spray paint for a lovely finish .

GOLD CAKE with my painted floweres that i did ,it was a rainy sunday afternoon and i thought why not do a cake with flowers on because i love drawing so i thought all the colours i was thinking would look great on gold ,i am planning on doing another painted cake so watch this space .xxx