swt creation wedding cakes

swt creation wedding cakes

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Carousel birthday cake.

This is the cake in all its glory ! Everything is handmade , and as you can see I have used gold on the cake but I also hand painted the cake in a dusky pink water colour. I wanted it to look more antique looking and have more of a vintage feel.i hope you all like it would be great to here your comments.

Carousel birthday cake.

Mmm as you can see this is me working on this cake which is still in the process of being finished of .it is for a 1yr old girls birthday.the bottom layer is chocolate orange mud cake and the top is a lemon and raspberry and white choc cake.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pink meringues.

I made these meringues with the kids yesterday and they loved piping and mixing the meringue I luv seeing my children's faces light up when they bake .meringues are so easy to do and they taste so good with flavourings like, cocoa, lemon,  raspberry, elderflower, blueberry the list goes on.Or try and sprinkle some textures like coconut, pistachio, they dont only taste delicous but look good too on meringues .

Pink meringue mmmm!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Wedding cake

Hi this is the final wedding cake in all its glory I hope you all like.i work with alot of gold and it can be very tricky because flickers of dust sometimes go onto the cake making a stain .I use a clean brush and some water to brush of the mark and pat dry with a clean cloth.i am going to be doing a video on gold leaf  on how to apply it because I get asked so much on how to apply it to a cake so  look out on here for it .

Wedding cake 2013.

Hi and good mornin I just want  you to follow my blog because I want to show you some great recipes,  cake idea's and xake tips and  my cakes that I make for swt creation I want you to follow me on my journey through all of this and I hope you keep enjoying swt creation blog.
This cake wedding cake was made with goosberry flair colouring and glitz gold powder for the dots .I find using professional renshaw or cova paste on my cakes.this cake was me still working on it before the flowers went on.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Party cupcakes

These party cupcakes I hope you all like, had done for a customer she wanted something different so I came up with these underneath there is a lemon and pistachio and white choc sponge with a raspberry mousseline cream.all the decorations are all handmade and yes she loves gold and these cupcake cases just set them off beautifully. That day I had to make 80 so you can imagine I was so tired lol...

Cherrybomb cupcakes

I hope you all like these cherrybomb cupcakes, recipe I will be putting with these on here soon.these gold cupcake cases were from a freind I think they just look so sophisticated and beatiful with the cupcakes sitting in them.if you look closely I made a handmade bird to go on top of some of them , then some fresh cherry to give sime bite and some coconut on some of the buttercream to add texture.i think these might look simple but I got to say these are one of my favorite cupcake collections .

Lemon and gold cameo cupcakes.

Hi these are my latest cupcakes that went out to a client .lemon and gold cameo cupcakes,  underneath I made a toffee and walnut with cinnamon banana sponge .they were yummy I love making cupcakes and creating fabulous flavours.

Gold budha cake.

This Gold budha cake was made for a celeb so I was  very excited , jade ewen from the sugar babes we had chatted and she asked me if I could make her boyfriend's birthday cake and of course I said yes .And she needed one quite quickly I had 5 days to make this cake it was a challenge and sleepless nights making the gold budha in 3d .jade was so supprised that in that time I made it in 3d.jade and her boyfriend luv budha figures so her heart was on that.she wanted a plain vanilla sponge filled with jam and cream .taking this cake down to london at the Mayfair hotel to deliver I was so nervous because the budha was so heavy but I made it there was nothing wrong and she and her boyfriend were over the moon I hope I can make many more cakes for jade in the future.

Hi this cupcake birthday cake was such a joy to make ,i loved using some of my glittery sprinkles and using polka dots on the bottom half .The little girl it was delivered to her face was a picture she couldn't stop smiling ,i luv making cakes and knowing my customers are very happy customers too.Making this cupcake cake was something differn't not something that i would have made but from the response from customers and freinds everyone loves it.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Beatiful rose vintage cupcakes.

Learn in my class how to make these hand piped cupcakes and  beatiful roses , for details you can go on facebook swt creation and find details there or call 07758736684. And I will happily tell you everything you need to know.

Vintage 1tier beaded cake.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Hi there to all my followers i haven't been on for a bit because of being so busy ,but time now for me to get back on and start doing some more of my recipes on here and showing you things that i have made and things you can learn like this ,how to make fondant roses i hope you all take a look and plz keep watching my blog i have some great things coming up.

Swt creation. How to make roses

Swt creation . How to make roses.

How to make fondant roses.

Swt creation (@lilopop2c) tweeted at 6:50 PM on Sat, Jul 13, 2013: Swt creation. How to make roses: http://t.co/Z2gUDcx0bL via @youtube (https://twitter.com/lilopop2c/status/356108438977253376) Get the official Twitter app at https://twitter.com/download

How to make fondant roses.

Swt creation (@lilopop2c) tweeted at 6:49 PM on Sat, Jul 13, 2013: Swt creation . How to make roses.: http://t.co/KQXjJDm9F2 via @youtube (https://twitter.com/lilopop2c/status/356108155266146305) Get the official Twitter app at https://twitter.com/download

Monday, 1 April 2013

Pink chocolate macaron cake

I hope you will go to my other page on here and take a look how to make this lovely cake ,with a rose water buttercream and the most lovely chocolate mud cake inside the recipe is on my other page ,and the macarons with a chocolate nutella filling come and take a look .

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My 1st wedding fayre.

Hi to all my followers i went to a wedding fayre on saturady the 23rd of febuary 2013 in leicester and these are 2 of the cakes out of  5 i wanted to show you .
I was really expecting a lot from this wedding fayre and the set up when i got there was a room on its own like an office but with a big glass sliding door at the front and a big large white table for me to put my wedding cakes on  i have got to admit i was disapointed there were all split rooms with people showing differn't items wedding dresses ,photography,etc i had got my tasters all ready my cards and everything looked so pretty but i think the room was a let down but to top it there was no one really who came to this wedding fayre i had a few customers who i talked too and loved my cakes and took some cards and cake but the lady who was the organiser didnt seem that bothered she made her appologies and she said she had done loads of advertising but she said she found this market very hard one to takle it hasn't put me of wedding fayres but it has made me more cautious of where i go next time ! i am wanting to take my cakes to a wedding cake internantional show in london or birmingham where you know you will have plenty of people coming through those doors and who will see your cakes and you are guranteed some customers who want to follow you and make orders ,i have only been making cakes seriously from the start of 2012 and i love my job cakes is my world .
Advice on wedding fayres ,make sure you take some tasters for customers to taste ,have a banner displaying your work and name,and all your details of your website ,phone number ,blog,twitter,etc
make sure you dont sit behind a desk and hide stand up and always greet people,don't put yourself on people your cakes should say it all,have cards at hand for people to take them so they can stay in touch.and i think talking and listening to your customers is so important especially when it is there big day .

Monday, 4 February 2013

Good afternoon to all my followers i have been very busy with orders and i am trying to get back into my blog as you can see i am moving things around and i am now going to be adding single seperate pages to show you in more depth of how to make cakes and some of my recipes that i use to make cakes there is alot of work still to be done on here so plz bare with me.x