swt creation wedding cakes

swt creation wedding cakes

Sunday, 19 February 2012


I have sooooooo many cook books i have some piled on the flloor in stacks lol !!! i just wanted to show you some of my favorite books and what i think of them .
Bea's of Bloomsbury i was very impressed with the cakes that where shown in the book the look to me in the book seemed to have a glossy vintage feel .I tried there red velvet cake which i made at home for the family it was wonderful lovely and light and the extra red flair food colouring really made the difference !!!.and the flavour with all the cream cheese and cream i don't think i could walk that night lol!!!  .I also tried there Rocky fudge bars which the recipe was once again easy to read and follow and they too where a success,the kids loved them .What i liked about this book the recipes seem very solid ,and the cakes look fantastic aswell as being fantastic in the taste .I love it that they do give you there tips and what they think works well with the cakes ,i love the fact that there is a variety of cakes in this book from muffins to cupcakes to cheescake to trifle .I hope followers you like this book as much as i do i give it 8out of 10.

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